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Hüsrev Kethuda Darülkurra

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  • Construction year: ?
  • The city it is located in: İstanbul
  • The borough it is located in: Eminönü
  • The neighbourhood it is located in: Vefa
  • Address: Cemal Yener Tosyalı Cad., Taştekneler Sok., Vefa, Eminönü
  • How to reach the place: You can reach this Darülkurra (Koranic recitation school) building by following the street in between the Shehzade and Damat Ibrahim Pasha Complexes.
  • Monument type: Darulkurra
  • The function today: Not in use
  • The ownership: Directorate of Pious Foundations
  • The bibliography that link the building to Sinan: TE, TB, TM
  • Information about the monument: The Darülkurra building needs some restoration, but, in general, its 16th century architectural characteristics have been largely preserved. It is closed to visitors at this time.
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  • The other monuments similar to this building: Vefa Bozacısı, Ekmekçizade Ahmet Pasha Madrasa, Molla Hüsrev Mosque, Vefa Kilise Mosque
  • Last Update: 27.11.2015
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